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2018 WIPSCOM Conference Sponsors

Industry leader in Next-Gen network deployment and operation
Providing communications and data services
Worlds largest telecommunications company
Motorola Solutions
Leader in mission-critical communications produces, solutions& services for communities and businesses
Solacom’s Guardian 9-1-1 Solution is engineered and purpose-built to provide PSAPs with complete, multimedia call control — from two-position PSAPs to complex multi-position environments.

2018 Vendors

Equature® (formerly known as DSS Corp) is an international technology leader for public safety organizations that specializes in Interactive Response software. Our solutions increase operational efficiencies, accelerate first responder communication and improve citizen satisfaction and security
Language Line
• RELIABLE • EASY • SECURE • ROBUST Powered by the largest, most accomplished, experienced and professional linguist team in the world.
Aladtec Specializes in Online Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management Solutions for Public Safety Departments
THE RIGHT INFORMATION AT THE RIGHT TIME Our solutions connect organizations with the mission-critical and business-critical data necessary to make better, timelier, and more informed decisions.
HipLink complements your current public safety efforts for both 911 and emergency operations systems by giving you an effective way to get wireless emergency alerts to any device serviced by a commercial carrier. Messages can be sent by either SMS text or voice from integrations with systems, like CAD, or manually from any desktop browser
Motorola Solutions
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Gen Com
Wisconsin's leading digital push to talk network. Providing fleets, schools, hospitality, other businesses with two way communication service and equipment. Experience the latest digital technology while lowering communication costs.
Baycom Solutions Discover how BAYCOM combines our 'best-in-class' products to build Total Solutions that are the industry best!
Crime Information Bureau
Responsible for four primary statewide programs. TIME, Handgun Hotline, Carry Concealed Weapons and the statewide criminal history repository
Dick Buss & Associates
“Bridging the gap between the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve for 32 years.”
CORE Technologies
Access data from the desktop, in car or on a handheld device Share Information easily with TalonPoint connectors Use the Talon tools to solve crimes easier Customize the Talon Suite to your agency’s needs Add on to Talon products as needed