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 Adam Timm

Everyday Superheroes - A Resilient Front Line


 The Resilient Dispatcher: How Thrive in Your 9-1-1 CareerSession title: The Resilient Dispatcher: How Thrive in Your 9-1-1



 Recent studies have proven the link between handling traumatic calls of life-threateningnature and the onset of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Over the lifeof a 9-1-1 telecommunicator’s career, these symptoms— including emotional numbing,avoidance and isolation, and hypervigilance— can erode the calltaker’s ability to remainalert and impartial while also providing excellent customer service to callers in need.With the strategies and perspectives taught in this class, participants will be able tocombat feelings of job-related burnout, curb their complacency, and continue making adifference in the lives of each caller.

 In this session, participants will learn proven ways to:—Understand the underlying cause of work-related chronic/traumatic stress— Bring their best to their work life and home life, every day— Create more time for themselves to do the things most important to them

Nathan Lee 

Denise Amber Lee Foundation

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Leave your “EGO” at the door



Description: Utilizing the events of the Denise Amber Lee story, this session will bring to light the importance of teamwork inside of  a 9-1-1 communication center, as well as how egos can prevent the job from getting done. In turn, potentially causing devastating circumstances. During the Denise Amber Lee tragedy, the lack of teamwork was a defining factor in the failure in proper communication, which led to missed opportunities to capture the suspect and prevent the murder of Denise. Dispatchers from all ranks will leave with a sense of pride for he integral job they perform everyday.



Ricardo Martinez II

Within The Trenches #IAM911



Super Session – Within the Trenches Presents: Keep Broadcasting Your Message & Imagine Listening

Your 911 story. It’s an important one. Have you shared it with the world? You may not think of it as important but think about what you do. You answer the call, the most important part of 911. It starts with you and every call you take is a new story in your career. This class will share stories from heroes like you. The stories were recorded for the Within the Trenches podcast, a podcast that highlights 911 dispatchers, their stories and promotes continuing education. In this class you will hear stories that are similar to your own. You will laugh at the funny calls and tear up at the hard calls. We will also visit the #IAM911 movement, how it started and the stories that make it up.

You will experience calls through the stories of others and in the end, you will see how important your story is and how you are not alone.