Each year Wisconsin Public Safety Communications (WIPSCOM), a cooperative of the Wisconsin Chapters of the Association of Public-Safety Officials International (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) accept nominations for a Telecommunicator of the year.  The following criteria will be used to select the Telecommunicator of the Year:

  1. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward all aspects of the job. 
  2. Demonstrates a willingness to participate as a team player.
  3. Demonstrates flexibility in task assignment and capabilities. 
  4. Demonstrates professionalism and pride in personal appearance, quality of workplace appearance and other factors that merit enhanced respect and esteem of co-workers, supervisors and others. 
  5. Actions which reflect the highest traditions of public safety service. 
  6. Innovative procedures suggested by the nominee, and implementation of these procedures, that enhance productivity, improve standards and demonstrate dedications to the field of public safety communications. 
  7. Demonstrates his or her knowledge of the profession. 
  8. Performance above and beyond the call of duty in a daily routine. 
  9. Held in high esteem by colleagues. 
  10. Demonstrates exceptional courage, foresight, alertness and skill in the performance of his or her profession. 
  11. Acts of valuable communications services, special faithfulness and perseverance. 
  12. Clarity and quality of voice communications via radio and telephone. 

Co-workers, supervisors, police officers, community members, and others can nominate dispatchers for this award.

The deadline for nominations is March 31, 2023



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