Green County Sheriff's Office

Monroe, WI

Reason for Announcement: Fill Vacancy and Establish Eligibility List
Responsibilities: Perform a wide variety of communication-related tasks, serving co.-wide needs for LE, fire, and emergency medical depts. They receive complaints and requests for service from citizens and public safety personnel, operate varied and complex commun. equip., and monitor the status of active operations.
Salary: $19.23 per hour
Benefits: Wisconsin retirement fund; Health insurance; Life insurance; Sick leave; Paid holidays; Vacation; Progressive Wage Scale.
Qualifications: U.S. citizen; Minimum age - 20; High school diploma; No felony convictions; No domestic abuse convictions; Good verbal and written communication skills; React quickly and effectively to stressful situations; Able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays; Ability to keyboard/type words per minute; Knowledge and skills in operating computer systems; Clear and concise speech; Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously; Ability to perform essential functions of this position
Apply By: 4:00 PM, 02/15/2019
Submit: Agency Application -

To obtain: www.greensheriff.com

Contact: Sheriff's Exec Legal Assistant Pam Young
Green County Sheriff's Office
2827 6th Street
PO Box 473
Monroe, WI  53566
Phone:  (608) 328-9615
Fax:  (608) 328-9618
Email:  youngp@greensheriff.com
Internet:  www.greensheriff.com
Notes: Written exam; Oral interviews; Psychological profile; Medical examination; Vision examination; Drug screening; Background investigation
Thursday, April 18, 2019 1

Public Safety Dispatcher

Madison College Public Safety

Madison, WI

Reason for Announcement: Fill Vacancy
Responsibilities: This position receives emergency and non-emergency calls, dispatches resources according to department policy, operates various dispatch center equipment, maintains all dispatch records and performs minor clerical duties as assigned. This position reports to the Deputy Director of Public Safety.
Salary: $19.02 - $21.16 per hour
Benefits: Wisconsin retirement fund; Health insurance; Life insurance; Sick leave; Dental; Paid holidays; Education incentive pay
Qualifications: High school diploma; Previous experience; Able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays; The individual must be willing and able to work any shift in a 24-hour period, holidays and weekends, scheduled and emergency overtime in accordance with current department policy.
Apply By: 12:59 PM, 05/01/2019
Submit: Resume
Contact: Talent Acquisition Specialist Michelle Wickus
Madison College
1701 Wright Street
Madison, WI  53704
Phone:  (608) 246-6900
Email:  HR@madisoncollege.edu
Internet:  www.madisoncollege.edu
Notes: Background investigation