Please help us congratulate from

Chippewa County Sheriff's Office

2018 Telecommunicator of the Year

Wade Davis 

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Wade recieved 2 nominations this year, read below to hear how he has been appreciated in his department.


I would like to nominate Wade Davis from the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office for Telecommunicator of the Year.  Wade on a daily basis goes above and beyond his duties, for example he is always running records checks on idividuals deputies/ officers are dealing with and is able to provide the Deputies/Officer the individuals information back to Deputies/Officers without the officers having to radio any information.  This allows the Deputies/ Officers to focus more on the call and stay safer with his assistance.  Wade contantly surprises Depties / Officers by having valuable information that is pertinent to the case without the Deputies /Officers having to ask or direct him for assistance.  Another example is Wade was able to assist Deputes with an attempted break in and Deputies only were able  to provide Wade of a possible vehicle description.  Wade was able to check records and notify the City Officers that the vehicle they were dealing with later in the evening was possible related to the Deputies case.  In the long run the case was solved and the suspect was arrested for the attempted break in, which was the result of Wade simply going above and beyond his duties. 

Wade on a constant basis is always helping out his fellow dispatchers, either by helping them enter warrants, taking phone calls because they are busy, or by switching shifts so fellow co-workers can be involved with their families.  This is remarkable since Wade has young children of his own that is always there for and doing the best he can for his family. 

Last but not least, Wade always has a smile on his face when you visit him in the communication center and he has the happiest tone to his voice when he is on the radio.  Even when he is dealing with negative phone calls or stressful situations he is always able to keep a positive tone to his voice which fellow co-workers and Deputies/ Officers.  Wade is always working as a team player with fellow deputies, officers, dispatchers, ems and many more.  These are just a few examples of how Wade goes above and behond his duties, is a team player and is a positive co-worker.  Wade does plenty more for the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office that he does to better the department and keep his Deputies/ Officers safe while he is on and off duty.

I nominate Wade because he is truly a great co-worker and goes above and beyond his duties every day.  Thank you Wade. 

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Wade joined our agency a couple of years go now.  Wade has displayed a great attitude and great professionalism since the very beginning.  Wade always takes time out of his day to brighten it in some way shape or form.  Wade has excelled to what I believe is one of the best dispatchers I have ever had the privilege of working with.  Everyone I think at some point has a bad day at work, but this is never displayed by Wade.  He is one of the most proficient and efficient dispatchers I have ever seen.  many times I make a traffic stop and before I can give him the information on the driver's license he has it already and my return ready.  Wade further goes into this by checking our in-house system and finds out and previous contacts.  This came as a surprise to me as no one has done this for me before, as I was preparing to give the license to him, as the driver was not the registered owner, Wade named the person who had been last stopped driving the vehicle and had their information ready for me.  I thanked Wade for this later, and his response was "No problem, it's my job to keep you safe."

In another instance I was investigating a snowmobile crash and I told Wade who the guy was and that I may try to track his daughter down as I was not able to find him.  I still don't know how Wade did this as we didn't even have her name.  Wade did not have to do this for me but he not only found her, but her address and full information.  This is not the first time Wade has done this for me and I am sure it won't be the last.  His dedication to duty and proficiency is apparent in everything he does, Wade always exceeds and excels in everything that he does. 

Wade also nominated his co-workers for the "Sunshine Award" through the local Television Station.  His co-workers in dispatcher later received that award.  Wade is very team orientated and does everything he can to help the team out.  Recently due to his hard work and dedication he was invited along during a search warrant which resulted in multiple arrests and stolen propery recovered.  

Wade also does a great job speaking and communicating clearly when he receives a call, even when he has been called every  name in the book, he continues to use "sir, Ma'am", continues to be professional.  

I may not be that great at writing this, but what is great is the work that Wade does for us on a daily basis.  I spent over 8 years in the Air Force, our core values are Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in all we do.  This is how I would describe Wade every dy of his life, both on and off duty.  I feel very strongly based upon this that Wade deserves the Telecommunicator of the Year Award.


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